who are we?


Cri e Basti





We are a well-stocked young couple. We are both employees in the same firm, but once the PC is off, we turn into someone else…



Him, Sebastian (called Basti), German, born in 1986. With his beekeeping passion inherited from his granpa Heinz, in a tiny village in Saxony.


Me, Maria Cristina (called Cri), Italian, born in 1991. Beekpeeper-to-be coming from the province of Bergamo.

Ehi we got someone new in our bee-team!

Since 9th June 2022 our little Maya has entered our lives, she’s such a cute earthquake, such a curious baby, and believe us – sweet almost as our honey!

Her favourite peluche? Willi, the best friend of the famous bee Maja!


what is the connection with BASTI and CRI?

When we got this blog idea, we were super thrilled but one of the first questions we wondered was: how should we call us? Something in English? maybe too banal! In Italian or in German? This would have cut out someone for sure! But a nice name not connected to any language? ‘Minion’ style? This was for sure the best choice. And since it’s a 4-handed blog, belongining to an even bigger project planned by two souls and two hearts, we decided to put ourselves in.


Gaeblini is the fusion of our surnames


Sebastian Gaebler 


 m.Cristina Faccini


Gaebl[er] + [Facc]ini

Let´s get to the core, why should you read us?

OPS sciamatura in corso...

You are always in a hurry, we know, but in your stressful days you hear you too words like ‘sustainibility’? ‘biodiversity’? Or sentences like ‘there is no planet B’? Do you ignore them or from time to time you stop to ponder about it? And what if from pondering, you would like to do something more practical to feel more protagonist in your life and in the world where you live? Why not trying to see the things from a different point of view and live with more awareness?

what we want to do here is to welcome you to our apiary. we would love to show you something from our black-and-yellow-striped perspective.

I feel lucky because I have had the opportunity to be closer to this beekeeping world since I have met Basti. Especially in the last year, since I have officially moved to Germany, I learnt so many things about these creatures that made me feel so tiny (smaller than a bee) and I told to myself “ok, I want to do something useful me too! If bees do so much, I want to help me too somehow...”


For example, us as beekeeper, we want to be a kind of bee-sheperd, caring them with respect and love. in any case, bear in mind that there are many ways in which each one of us can do something, without strictly being beekeepers.

We have thought that sharing our path may help you to see something in a different way and may encourage you to act daily to protect the environmental biodiversity.

In case you would like to get your own hives or you have already, follow us 🙂 be informed that we are not here teaching down anything. Just take it as a nice chat in which we can’t wait to contaminate you with our passion and to show you how we work -or better- how we guard our friend bees. If for different reasons (money, space, time,… being a beekeeper, even if just for hobby, it’s a real commitment), you can’t have your own hives, follow us anyway! You will find different ideas for living with more awareness the surrounding nature.

...and if after reading us, you wish to become a good bee-sheperd or you will have grasped anyway the importance of biodiversity, please let us know!
we will be super happy to read you and to get to know that we managed to show you what a wonderful world is this!