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Here I am: Cri, the beekeeper-to-be!

Hi, I am Maria Cristina, better known as Cristina, generally called Cri. I am a beekeeper-to-be. Ah! I was born on 30th May 1991 and so yep, today I turn into 30! And so yep, for my 30th birthday I have decided to write a post about me. I had this in mind since a while, also because behind our apiary and our projects, well…there we are! For this reason you have absolutely the right to know something more about us and it is a great pleasure for us to open us up for you 🙂 and again, welcome among us and our bees at our apiary!

So I was telling…It’s since a while that I have been thinking about using this date to write something about me and this beekeeper-to-be experience! What is certain is that after speaking of granpa Heinz and Basti, beekeepers since ever, I feel a bit anxious. I don’t know exactly from where to start actually. At this point, I would say…let´s simply start from myself!

So Cri who? Who are you?

I come from Albano Sant’alessandro, a village in the province of Bergamo, north of Italy. I have been living in Saxony since one year and half. Choice taken for love and with bravery since I have very strong bonds with my family and my origins (and then, you must admit that it’s generally much easier to just relax in your comfort zone, isn’t it?). What else? I am 1,58 m short, I love cooking and writing. At the moment I am much focus on my beekeeper-to-be path.

As just mentioned in our very first post Why are bees so important? – Gaeblini, I have never been such an insect-lover. However, I never disliked bees. In fact, pondering about it, if I have to recap in one word what I have always felt for bees, I would say respect. It was always clear to me that they are important but a bit in a superficial way, so it’s that kind of respect that you may feel towards a refined person that you don’t know so well but you perceive her as very cool. Then I have met Basti and with him his bees. At that point I discovered literally a new world! It was like – continuing the previous metaphor – getting to know better and closer that refined cool person. It may be the passion for bees that you can inevitably breathe here, but I couldn’t help falling in love with this it!

You beekeeper-to-be? Since when??

I must admit that one of the statements I have been told more often since I have been living here – from my parents as well – is ‘I would have never expected this from you!‘. Of course, with a positive connotation, with a tone full of surprise/pride/curiosity for what’s next. As far as I am concerned, what I couldn’t expected was for sure to completely change my life towards my 30s. I know I’m not old, but it’s anyway a great change. I don’t know whether to believe in destiny or not, in the end the path we follow depends on us. Nevertheless, I think that each one of us is predestined to something in particular. Basically each one of us is compatible with something and/or someone, it’s up to you to listen to yourself and dive into it or not.

That’s true…and you are telling you were predestined to bees??

happy Beekeeper-to-be!
June 2019 – My first time in the beekeeper suit

What I can tell you is: I have always enjoyed learning, indeed I have studied for 18 years of my life and regarding bees there is so much to learn about 🙂 Moreover, I have a master degree in Modern languages for International communication and cooperation. Communication. Cooperation. International. Along the university studies, I had the opportunity to delve into concepts such as inclusion, sustainability, territory, communication,…. My studies helped me to make my mind and world vision even opener. A vision in which different cultures and languages are not an obstacle but something valuable. The languages that I have studied – English, French, Spanish (German work in progress) are a way to get closer to more concepts, ideas, people, projects and news.

I love challenges, put much heart and engagement in what I do. This probably also for my chorister experience that I have started when I was about 10 and I put in stand-by before leaving Italy. I was the only child and always taking part to rehearsals and ceremonies with much joy. But what I liked the most about it?

Not only our voices all together giving such an harmonious and unique result, but also listening to each other and being patient when a song was more complicated than forecast. Much effort, not to step on one another but for a group output. Being there all together, for what then? For our same shared passion for singing and the pleasure to spend time together.

Well, after this general overview, it is not so strange that I got closer to beekeeping when I had the opportunity, isn’t it? I can perceive I am on the same wavelength with bees 🙂

What have you found out that you loved so much?

When we speak about bees, we often mention the word superorganism. It’s a real society, where each component takes care of its tasks with much commitment. Where everyone puts effort for the common good and without complaining, in fact, it’s the sense of their life! Bees live for this. Cooperation is the basics. In addition, they are so smart, they have an enviable internal organisation. Another aspect that enchants me is that without neither realising it, they support biodiversity with their pollination. Do you remember the importance of this word, right? We had spoken about it right here Tell me: what is biodiversity and why it’s so important? – Gaeblini . And not only: they explode with altruism, indeed they also offer us such a delicious natural product like honey (that for a gourmand like me, it’s a very good point!).

What do you like the most about bees? Why have you decided to follow this beekeeper path?

I am always very impressed by how I feel at the apiary. Have you noticed? Both Basti and granpa Heinz answered to this question that they feel calm there, and it’s true indeed! When we leave the apiary I feel refreshed, like how you feel after sleeping long and well. It has been proved that the hives aroma together with the bee buzzing help relaxation and meditation. For sure, it’s a great engagement that can’t be underestimated, like Basti highlighted here too Basti: a curious child turned into an all-around beekeeper – Gaeblini . Needless to say, it can be tiring, especially considering that we have a full-time job as employees as well. Nevertheless, with the right motivation anyone can manage everything. You know what I like the most? In addition to the pleasure of discovering? The fact that I feel useful and it gives me much satisfaction. Beekeeping is a very generous activity: you have to give much, it’s true, but it also give much back as well!

Well my beekeeper path has just begun, especially in comparison to the experience of granpa Heinz and Basti. However, I feel I am on the good way, on my way and I feel very well there. I will keep on this path and I will keep on sharing this all with you 🙂

What do you think about my beekeeper-to-be experience? Any question or comment? We hope you are enjoying our apiary!

A hug and…happy birthday to me 🙂

The Gäblini

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