Green deal: already heard about it…but what is it?

We looked with this article Have you ever wondered what people have been doing for pollinators? – Gaeblini into some projects that some EU member states have been carrying out to help our friends pollinators. Right in that occasion, we had mentioned the green deal. It is often mentioned now and then at the TV News, or in the newspapers,…what is it? Green, like the colour,…something makes me think that it´s related to nature, to environment…Yes, it must be this way! And then? If you would like to find out more about it with us, you have only to keep on reading!

SOS Biodiversity

We have already pointed out right here Why are bees so important? – Gaeblini about how much bees are important. Hardworking pollinators that help biodiversity balance, without realizing it. At the same time they are perfect bio-indicators, they’re able to tell us much about the ecosystem and the air we breathe.

Unfortunately, despite their being resilient, their undoubtful importance isn’t saving them from getting in danger. But in the end, you may wonder, why are they so much in danger? Why do they risk to disappear? Unfortunately the reasons are many. Here some of them: the climate change, the use of pesticides and chemical substances in the fields, hybridization with no local species, pollution,…if you watch at them carefully, all these reasons have something in common: Mankind.

And now??? We need a compass!

We are gradually reaching the awareness that there is the real need of a route change. We have to do something, if not to fix up, at least to don´t make it even worse. However, everytime we change the way, we´d better to have a compass as well. In this specific case our compass is the green deal. An agreement at a European level approved at beginning of 2020, that establishes measures for a more sustainable world.

Objectives? Promoting a more and more circular economy and decreasing pollution so as to protect as much as possible biodiversity. They (we?) want to be at a good point before 2050.

Objectives into the objectives? Leaving a decent world for future generations.

We propose a green and inclusive transition to help improve people’s well-being and secure a healthy planet for generations to come.”

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission

The green deal that wants to protect biodiversity

As far as biodiversity is specifically concerned, among the short-term objectives (deadline: 2030): setting more protected areas, among earth and see. Supporting bio agriculture, protecting pollinators. Cleaning at least 25K km of European rivers. Moreover, it’s planned to plant 3 billions of trees and decrease the use of pesticide of at least 50%.

The green deal that protects biodiversity

EU is doing its utmost to slow down the global warming trying to reduce fossil fuels. Spreading sustainability is strictly related to this all: fostering public means of transport and protecting biodiversity, for example by safeguarding woods and endangered animals.

More in the practice? Any example from the green deal?

From the theory to the ideas. From the ideas to the projects. From the projects to the results.

The green deal has been supporting several researches that contribute in making green deal’s aims true. I was curious, you too? Having a look at the European commission website, I found some interesting examples:

  • MUSICA Project (that stands for MUltiple-use-of Space for Island Clean Autonomy). That means…?? This project allows little islands to be completely autonomous from the energetic point of view by using wind, sun and waves. They use these natural renewable resources (and they have much of them, haven´t they?) to decarbonize themselves, for setting them free from fossil fuels. And then offering green services, renewable energy ‘stores’,…
  • Then we have SPARCs (that stands for Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS). In this case they have the objective of turn the urban areas in producers and consumers of energies (I saw for the very first time the term ´prosumer´). A project that comes from the cooperation of more people, from citizens to firms and to the decision-makers. Green inclusion.
  • Another cool thing…Just one, then I swear I stop and in case you can continue by reading clicking at this link . In France, there is a firm that produces packaging material made with milk proteins! MILK PROTEINS!!! It´s not a coincidence that its name is Lactips. It’s a soluble packaging and completely biodegradable (it disposes in less than 3 weeks). Their project Ecolactifilm wants to foster the eco-sustainable packaging market for chemical substances used for treating swimming pool waters or agrochemicals. In this way these substances can be handled in a more precise and safe way too.

With this general overview on the green deal, we wanted to help you to understand something more about it. But not only. We wanted to encourage you in pondering on a couple of points. Ponder about what we have at our disposition. We have a brain and we have sooo many natural resources or alternatives that could make so much difference, if not for us, for sure for our future generations. If we commit ourselves (by using the famous brain), we will make the difference for the better. Do you agree? Let us know what you think here at the comments 🙂

A hug,

The Gäblini

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