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The Gaeblini labels’ story: would you like to find out more?

And what if today we speak about the Gaeblini labels? Last week we spoke about the info that it’s compulsory to mention on honeylabels. What about Gaeblini labels? Today we would like to have a chat about them in particular.

The Gaeblini labels are special. Am I not neutral? Maybe yes, maybe no. I want to argue my thought, I think it’s fair. Before Basti met me, they were using some pre-printed labels (very sad ones, I would personally add) and, worst of it, with an extra strong glue that neither a dishwasher could take them off from the honeypot in most of the cases. Then I jumped in his life, the pain in the neck (even if he always tells that I am his muse 🙂 ). I started to add a bit of colour to everything. Literally, from colouring the hives to change the labels. But…changing the labels? How??

How did the path of the Gaeblini labels start?

What if I ask my cousin to prepare some labels for us? She studied graphics…´. I didn’t want to impose myself, they had always used those labels and I didn’t want to force any change at any cost. It was just a suggestion, on the tiptoes. Basti appreciated much this and so we asked my cousin Eleonora if she could think about it, without rushing. It was supposed to be something to be done willingly, otherwise nothing.

The choice

Ele started to prepare some options, starting from our idea and from what we were searching for. In the meanwhile, we were desperately looking for reliable labels printing companies, especially with a not-such-a-strong glue. Why were we caring about this so much? Because we often get our empty pots back, however, in most of the cases we couldn’t get rid of these old labels and unfortunately we were not able to use them again. This all didn’t make any sense. In our opinion, it was worth it to spend more but make it better, being as much sustainable as possible. We succeeded in our researches and in the meanwhile Ele forwarded us her proposals. Well…they were simply wonderful! I did know that she was good and creative, but I could not imagine she was that much. Basti and I with hearted eyes watching at her options…spoilt for choice!

In the end, we opted for the one that you can find on our honeypots now. The others have been put aside but not forgotten, maybe one day we will think of any Limited edition?

Funny anecdote

Do you know that we chose the one that she was less convinced about?! Indeed the title of the file was ‘preview of the label 3 – proposal not proposal‘. I have copied and pasted here below the caption she sent together with the file shared:

Version 3 – WARNING: THIS IS ONLY A STARTED BUT NOT FINISHED DRAFT, now I explain better: the very beautiful idea I got was to make some features (in this case hexagons) with the honey colour, so as make the label looking like if it is with ‘holes’. The problem is that I have eaten all your honey and I have actually no idea about which colour should I select. I preferred to not work longer on them. I have anyway attached it among the proposals to let you have it as an idea for a label in the future.

PS: about this project I particularly like the idea of the label for the closure with the drawing of the drop

So so…she surprised us with her skills and we surprised her with our choice 🙂

And here they are, the Gaeblini labels at last!

Just some last adjustment of the colours and background, then the labels were ready at last and especially no longer struggles to take them off! The label is simple but at the same time very original. The traditional hexagonal cells can’t miss and they’re part of the background together with colourful flowers and a bee. One of the features that I love the most is the paper string (the closed-cap-guarantee). It’s decorated with some flowers and a dripping honey drop…wonderful! I do love this idea!

Gaeblini labels are special, don't you agree?
The famous ‘drop’ on the label 🙂

Do the Gaeblini labels mention everything?

At this point I would like to have a quick check together about what is mentioned on these labels. Are we in compliance with the 6 compulsory points? Our labels are – for known reasons – in German, but here it is an occasion to let you have their translation:

  • The country of origin (where it was harvested): we told it’s ok as an adjective as well and this is what we mentioned (deutscher, German)
  • The word honey: this too is mentioned (honig, honey)
  • The net weight: we are supplying only half a kilo pots at the moment (500 kg)
  • Date of minimum durability: this is mentioned on the famous paper string (‘Mindestens haltbar bis‘, better to eat it before)
  • Name and place of the distributor: it’s simply us, on the side you can find where we live
  • The batch: since the DmD changes for each batch, there is no need to mention it

Nothing is missing, right?

That’s right 😊 in addition…among the optional info, you can read the kind of harvest: if from Spring ( Frühlingblütenhonig ) or Summer (Sommerblütenhonig). There is another short sentence that specifies that you can warm it up till 40 degrees without problems to bring it back to its liquid status without losing its properties (‘Honig kann fest werden. Sie können kristallisierten Honig im Wasserbad (bis 40 °) wieder verflüssige‘).

So here it is, where Gaeblini labels come from…

My mom has a twin with who I have a very nice and deep bond. I feel her a bit like a second mom (speaking of her, I know that she likes reading us ‘ciao auntiiiie!’). Eleonora is her daughter, so she’s a kind of little sister for me. I am and we are very glad that we have involved her too. We like to think that our plans gets wider and wider till including our family too. They pass beyond the Alps and we belong all together to one only great project, where each one of us put him/herself in, with love and passion. Ele has given her contribution too.

It’s true, labels are not everything, however, the eye wants its part. We care about about our honey, we want to offer a high-quality product, from the beginning to the end. Moreover, we like the idea that our pots are as much sustainable & recyclable as possible. We’re proud of our honey, of our labels and of my cousin who did such a great job!

And you? How much do you like Gäblini labels? We would like to have your feedback 🙂

A hug,

the Gäblini

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