…so…should I use sugar or honey? what’s better?

Here we are with the first article of 2022! Christmas holidays are officially over, we have eaten ANYTHING, we have put away the Christmas decorations, however, the kilos that we have put on over the last weeks seems not to go away as much easily 🙂 with my usual appetite that always keeps me company, today I want to speak about food, the good one! Specifically of honey, the good one! The sense of guilt is already chasing me, so I want to focus especially on how much it can be better than sugar and why… Yes because have you ever wondered if honey is better than sugar? In the end, honey is so sweet and just so good, why shouldn’t you use this instead of sugar in your recipes?

Well, on the other hand, sugar is widespread, I am sure you can find a sugar package in anybody house – of course, this is cheaper than a honey pot, moreover, there isn’t any risk to alter tastes and aromas as it could happen with honey, but so…should you opt for sugar or honey?

Sugar or honey? This is the problem

Sugar or honey? We couldn't live without our honey!
Our honey

Let’s start with understanding what honey is made of, maybe this helps you to clear your ideas up…I know, this will surprise you much: honey consists essentially of water and sugar! As far as sugar is concerned, it is mainly made up of Monosaccharides, specifically Fructose and Glucose (about 70%) and, in a lower quantity, Disaccharides, mainly Saccharose. The percentage of water where these sugars are melted is generally between 17% and 19% (keep in mind these percentages, it’s important!).

Needless to say, I am speaking about water and sugar just to make it easier, bear in mind that there are plenty of other elements in lower quantity – such as acids, Amino acids, minerals, vitamins, pollen dust – however, they are very important because they influence taste, smell and quality of honey.

And what about sugar??

With regard to sugar, do you know what is its scientific name? Saccharose – but how´s possible? The very same one mentioned above? Eh yes, only difference is that honey is mainly made of Fructose and Glucose, that are simple sugars, whereas sugar is essentially Saccharose.

At this point it’s important to point out that our body needs more effort in assimilating complex sugars like Saccharose, while simple sugars like Fructose and Glucose are easier to be digested and supply energies more promptly.

What is sweeter? Sugar or honey?

Honey includes water as well (while sugar is more – let´s say – dry), so, the weight being equal, this has less calories. Be careful! Of course, this does not mean that we are speaking of slimming food – a good balance is basic, like in any context – however, we can admit without problems that it’s possible to make our days sweeter with a honey teaspoon instead of a same sugar one. Moreover, honey has much Fructose (that is the sugar that can be found in fruits, for example), this is a super efficient sweetener. This means also that you must have a careful look at dosis and proportions when you deal with honey: a smaller quantity of honey has the same sweetening effect of a bigger quantity of sugar!

Anything else to add?

In addition, a further ‘plus’ for honey is given by its antibacterial features: it can help to prevent or being a literally sweet relief to any seasonal sickness (such as sore throat and cough) or allergies.

But there is one last fundamental thing: every time you buy honey – and we are speaking about real honey – from your trusted beekeeper, you are helping those people that love bees and take care of them with passion. I like considering the natural honey purchase as a real gesture of kindness, that will allow the good beekeepers to keep on with their mission: that is taking care with love of their bees (that, in the end, will belong a bit to you as well, don’t you think so?) and of the world where we live (that, in the end, belongs to you as well, doesn’t it?).

But now tell me…sugar or honey? Have you already tried any recipe with honey? If yes, which one? I am curious! Please let me know with a comment here below 🙂

A hug,

the Gaeblini

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