A bee blog: why reading us?

And Christmas 2021 too is gone. This year we managed to drive to Italy and I could spend it surrounded by the love of my family and much delicious Italian food. Do you remember what Basti gave me as Christmas gift last year? My first beehive! From that very first big step, I have read, observed and learnt so much! Another new entry from 2021, specifically from 21st March 2021, was right this blog. A bee blog. Thanks to Basti that encouraged me to have a try and follow a big passion of mine (writing) and – why not? – thanks to me, that luckily I have listened to him and with strength and commitment I have created this little big sharing place.

Today I would like to do something different, but that could be funny and interesting. Do you know when at the end of a movie they show backstage scenes or parts that were cut from the movie or again something about its preparation? This always enchanted me. Does the very same happen to you? Or do you change channel when you get this kind of contents? Me, I do love them! If you too belong to my same team, probably you’ll particularly enjoy what I am going to speak about 🙂

With this article today we will focus on our backstage, would you fancy it?

What is behind the scenes of this bee blog? How much work behind each single Gaeblini article?

A bee blog starting from…?

Before starting this bee blog I have attended an online course that helped me very much and to which I am sooo grateful. I couldn’t imagine that behind a real blog – like anything made with care – there is much commitment and preparation. The course gave me excelent basis to better understand the content writing strategies, to organise myself in the best way possible, to prepare a good editorial plan and calendar. Yep, you can’t wake up one morning and start writing at random following your inspiration. Each article – or content with value, as it would be better to call them – are thought and prepared much in advance, according to a well planned editorial calendar. This is very important since we want to offer to our readers a harmonious and high-quality work. Every three months I prepare a general outline, by crossing contents on bees, activities at the apiary and personal details. The right mix to sensitise people towards topics that we care so much (and we know it’s the same for you too), without sounding too boring (we hope) and giving you more info about beekeeping and us too at the same time.

Who is behind the scenes of our bee blog?

Behind our bee blog: us!
Simply us

A special feature of our blog is us, that means the fact that is a four-handed work. Now I explain you better: first of all I write a very first draft. For each single article I develop ideas, read, look for material and discuss with Basti. There are some articles that include a parallelism to our situation (for example, when I speak about some hives that you can find and I end up by speaking of our hives). This last part arrives from a truly interview with Basti: I tell him what the article points out, then I ask him what he thinks about it, what we do and why and if he has anything to add,…a kind of integration to the article. Each article is read and read more times before it reaches Basti, that in any case is a further good proofreader.

A bee blog, but…in how many languages??

Each article is written first of all in Italian, then translated always by me into English (hence, we have an English version of the blog too) and then Basti translates this last one into German (so yep, we have a German version as well). We have taken this decision due to the fact that we live in Germany. A German version could not miss, nevertheless since I don’t have such a German level and Basti is neither so fluent in Italian, we decided to meet at halfway with the English. This turns our bee blog in a 3-languages blog.

Usually over the weekend, I write and translate one or two articles, while Basti translates into German the upcoming one. Generally on Tuesdays after work. I wanted you to reveal a little thing: Basti is always not so much convinced of his German version, especially of the punctuation. If you find any mistake, please let us know without problems, we don’t get offended, but we take the occasion to let you know that we put much effort and do our utmost to avoid any 🙂

Basti hasn’t left you so far??

No, at the moment he bears the burden ahah 🙂 every time he reads a new article of our bee blog, he tells me with hearted-eyes that it’s wonderful! He loves how I write (his words) and I love his supporting with enthusiasm this passion of mine. I don’t give it for granted.

For sure, this means much work, but we are glad to take care of it because for us it’s important that our message reaches as many readers as possible, so as to sensitise more people about the fantastic world of the bees. We don’t take care only of the blog, as you may know, we publish for our community additional contents, stories and posts on the social (whaaat?? you are not a our Instagram follower yet? And you haven’t clicked so far on our facebook page? Ahi ahi search for Gaeblini and catch up). This all is sprinkled by so many pictures and videos, but also books, a diary, two big blocknotes, apps, headshrinking and brainstorming between Basti and I.

Sharing and not only

Our bee blog is a way to let people get to know better this yellow&black striped world, but also an answer to my personal need of sharing and listening to my attitudes/passions. Nevertheless, there is a third point: have you ever been in a pizzeria (sorry, you know, I am Italian) and to have a complete view on the pizza maker while working? You can notice his/her ability and commitment in preparing it? With how much passion put on the ingrendients? With how much attention and organisation put in and take out from the oven? This too has always enchanted me. You may think that it’s not that difficult to arouse my enthusiasm, and it could be true, but 🙂 what I think is that it’s simply a matter of transparency. Without realising it, in the end you’ll appreciate it a bit more, don’t you think? Doesn’t it make you feel a bit more at ease and involved? A kind of feeling of peace and reliability ‘ok, I know from where it comes from and how it’s made’. So why reading this bee blog? Because there is much engagement, work and passion behind it. Because we really care of helping you in building that awareness that will let you taste more deeply honey and really understand the biodiversity importance. Because we are here at your disposition in case of any question or curiosity (and in more than a single language as well). Because with much enthusiasm in the heart we want you to introduce our little bees and show you how we work, to switch on that sparkle towards this universe, to let you feel part of us – sheperds of the bees. And not only this: for respect and transparency in case you would like to enjoy our products.

This bee blog wants to be like that overview on the pizza desk: follow us, support us, read us. Find out more about us, our bees and our honey: how much is behind, how much we care of our bees, the surrounding area, our honey production,…be part of our sweet adventure and we’ll be glad if you join us! To conclude, we wish you once again a very sweet merry Christmas!

A hug,

The Gaeblini

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