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Why starting a bee blog? Here where it was born from

Opening a blog. A bee blog. An idea out of the blue! This idea started from an inner need. Finding ‘A room on my own’, as Virginia Woolf wrote. More than 2 years ago by now, this drastic change into an expat life, made harder between the pandemy and being so far away from my family and friends, embittered by the stress at work and the complete lack of diversion or trips (a part from going out for buying food), this all made me feel very very blue, I must admit. Suddenly in a completely different context (sure, my choice, but does this make it easier?), with a language that I could not understand at all. Me, that I was used to understand pretty well other languages – at least those that I had studied – I felt almost suffocating, totally cut out and smartworking didn’t help at all to socialise neither. It was not easy and I can imagine that many other people had hard time as much as me. Maybe it’s the same for you? If from time to time, you too have dark times, don’t worry, it’s normal! And understanding what I did to come out might be helpful for you too.

The idea of writing a bee blog

Basti, that among the several things that he can do we can add without any issue ‘being psychologist’, in these moments of mine of deep desperation/panic, has always kept calm despite being sincerely worried for me. Firm and sensitive at the same time, he managed to take me by hand and make me using my brain.

‘So, what do you miss? What makes you feel good? What are you good at? What do you like or would you like to do in your free time?

Me, in tears ‘Writing’

‘That’s right and you do it so well, I love so much what you write’

‘But what? Emails at work?’

‘Those too, you’re good at and I like them! Then other things?’

‘Helping others? …and cooking too!’

‘Perfect! So what could you do?’

‘What about writing a blog?’

‘A blog? Me??’

‘Why not? You’re so good at writing, you could write about bees and our beekeeping adventures, taking care of some recipes with honey,…you would help us with our plans, but you would help our bees too and many people that want to know more about it.’

and there, the sparkle! Between a tear and a heartbeat.

First steps towards our bee blog

I started to give that special taste to my free time while searching how to write a blog, I attended different masterclasses about it and in October 2020 I started an online course that helped me super much. It was a real guide, a very practical and interesting one, that was much helpful to understand how to proceed. I was getting up earlier at weekends to study or maybe I used to spend my evenings by reading, highlighting slides or reading notes. I bought many books regarding bees to know more and more about them both for myself and for preparing valuable contents for our bee blog. Brain storming, notes, files, experiments, ideas over ideas. The bees and the beekeeper of my heart took me out of the bad tunnel where I was about to fall in. Hence, among the reasons why this blog exists there has been also the extremely intimate and personal one of helping people by sharing valuable contents connected to a passion of ours.

And I would like to highlight this verb, ´sharing´.

Me taking care of bees and a blog…really??

Me writing at our bee blog
Me writing at our bee blog

Since EVER, I have always been discreet, silent and pretty introvert too. I generally prefered listening (or in case writing) rather than speaking. Nevertheless, if I have anything to tell, I tell it and I can be a good chatterbox with people I have a strong bond with. If there’s anything nice, I like to share it. I am extreme with my emotions and if anything makes me enthusiastic, I can really feel my heart exploding with joy and I need absolutely to pour it out somehow. With the lockdown, I found in this blog idea a good way for achieving this goal: a kind of way to socialize, a Think Tank (do you love Harry Potter you too?), a hearts&minds starter. As far as my love towards bees is concerned, if you want to know more how it bloomed, you can have a look here.

The Gaeblini blog mission

Another essential point: the blog Gaeblini mission… why writing this blog? Of course, it’s not a mere safety valve for me. We neither want to sound like those that know-it-all and telling you ‘It must be done this way, it’s that way’, this not at all. What we would like to achieve is sensitising people towards nature, towards what surrounds us and especially bees. I have read much about it and I have been experiencing much in first person me too. It’s wonderful, an enchanting world that often makes you ponder. What I would like to do is to make you ponder, I would like to give that input like ´Ah this I really didn’t know, cool!‘. I would like to help in achieving a certain awareness and watch the things from a different perspective, also by simply starting from a tiny being like a bee. As Basti often tells me ‘In the end it’s a kind of diary with some useful info’, that’s true. Take this blog as a window on our garden, the one of our hives, our projects and dreams. And now and then, I explain you how it works, how we make a certain thing, why,…we really hope that we can light up a bit your curiosity and spread the same enthusiasm that makes us writing here.

Last 21st March 2022 was exactly one year from the very first published article. 45 articles published (46 with this one) and related Italian and German translations. 5775 visualisations in total so far. Many articles, plans and sections boil in our cauldron. The work behind the scenes is much, but from the deep roots it was born, probably now you will be less surprised in knowing that we are very happy with it 🙂 And to you, that you are reading us, we can’t help thanking you with all our hearts…and please, don’t stop following us!

A hug,

i Gaeblini

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