Becoming beekeeper: the 4 essential points for a good beginning

Becoming beekeeper. A job (and me, personally, I like to describe it as an art too) that many people find enchanting. Me, beekeeper…who would have ever thought of something like this? However, 2021 is the year in which I officially started to DO something. That’s right, to put into practice what seen in theory and to start the first little big steps as beekeeper-to-be. Today is 19th December, do I feel myself as a round 100% beekeeper? Mm to be honest no, but also because I believe that there is always something to learn, to improve, to experience,… Moreover, with such an examples next to me, Basti and Granpa Heinz, how can I perceive myself as a complete beekeeper? Anyway it’s perfect this way, it has to be this way. My path in the beekeeping world has officially started and enthusiasm and passion can only grow the more I proceed. But what a person has to do to enter this buzzing world? From where to start? What you can’t miss? Today we’ll see together what is at the root of becoming a beekeeper, a good beekeper.

First of all, the right mindset

Mindset? That means? The proper attitude. As already pointed out, bees are for everyone, but not anyone can take care of them. Not anybody can become beekeeper. Firstly, you must have much much patience. If you think to simply get up one morning, buying two hives out of the blue and starting beekeeping, you won’t go much far away. However, we will see more about this in the next paragraph. To the patience is immediately connected much commitment too. That means? It means that for example most of the wonderful summer days (weekeend included, of course) won’t be with you laying down reading a book and sunbathing, you won’t spend them at the seaside, but most probably you will be wrapped in your protection suit while inspecting hives, or while harvesting honey a honeycomb after the other or trying to catch a swarm. And at this point another certain feature: motivation. If you are motivated, if behind what you do there is a deep reason, there is a big passion, there is curiosity and craving for learning, patience and commitment won’t be a problem at all. Actually, you will struggle to call them in this way…and indeed this is how I feel 🙂

if you want to become beekeeper, never understimate formation

Patience, commitment and motivation don’t miss? So you can start to seriously think of becoming beekeeper. But STOP, slooow down! It’s not enough at all anyway! How much do you know about bees and beekeeping? Which tools do you need? What should you do and what not? For sure, reading much about it is very important. There are so many manuals that can be helpful. Nevertheless, for a clearer idea about what expects you, it would be perfect to look for a beekeeper in your nearby and kindly ask him/her the possibility to follow his/her beekeeping days. Having some experience on the field, even if only by simply watching, makes the difference. Because from there you really understand how it is and if you feel like keeping on with it. Regarding this, I have been very lucky: living with two beekeepers from who I have to learn so much. However, consider that I have been living here since beginning of February 2020 and I started seriously to put into practice only this year…this just to make you understand that before rushing to start, you have to observe much!

Becoming beekeeper following others'examples
Granpa Heinz and Basti during an inspection

Don’t forget the tools to become a beekeeper

From learning to practising and then? To put into practice? You’ll need the correct tools! These two sides go together…If you have learnt much but you don’t have everything you need to proceed, how can you go on? But if you have everything and you didn’t learn enough, what are you supposed to do with all these tools? And the basis on which this all stands are right patience, commitment and motivation. Can you see the connection through this all?

So once you have achieved the point in which you are sure and ready as much as possible to proceed this wonderful beekeeping path, you have to understand the best place where to put the hives and of course buy them (generally people start with a couple). The protective suit can’t miss, but neither the different tools needed for the inspection (such as the big brush, the smoker,…). Then there are many other things that you may need. If, for example, you want to get honey from your hives, you will need everything for harvesting it. You will have undoubtly to invest a bit at the beginning (so this too you must consider when you decide to start). As you may imagine, some things are more expensive than others. In any case, it’s also true that they can be used for several years. Hence, a truly investment that if you decide to start this hobby, you’ll have to take into account.

What about a beekeeping association in the nearby?

So, it’s official – you have decided to become a beekeeper! At this point don’t forget to look for the closest beekeeper association to you and subscribe. It will be essential not only as support in case of doubts or for ideas exchanges. For example, with the association we belong to we pay a yearly amount, that depends on the number of the hives you own. Moreover, belonging to an association will allow you to register officially your hives and be 100% legal.

That’s all, this is what you can’t miss if you want to become a beekeper! Needless to say that other factors are needed: such as having much time at disposition to take care properly of this big passion. You may think money, time, patience, commitment,…but why should I start something like this?? my opinion? Because yes, it’s true, beekeeping is demanding, especially at the beginning. But it also gives very much in exchange and if you have much passion and enthusiasm in life, beekeeping will make it even more special!

And for you? What is your biggest passion that turns your life in something more?

We would like so much to read your comment here below and get to know more about you 🙂

A hug,

the Gaeblini

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